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Oct 09, 2008

New Study Validates Thera-BandŽ Strength Training

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For Release October 9, 2008
New Study Validates Thera-Band® Strength Training
Effectiveness Compared to Weight Machines
A new clinical study just published in the September edition of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concludes that Thera-Band® elastic bands can offer significant physiological benefits that are comparable to those obtained from weight machines in the early phase of strength training of sedentary middle-aged women over a 10 week period.
The randomized, controlled trial, developed by researchers at the Neuromuscular Laboratory at the University of Valencia, Spain and at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, was designed to determine whether the use of elastic bands produced different effects on functional capacity and body composition compared to weight machines using the same resistance training program. Both weight machines and elastic bands showed reduction of fat-mass, increase of fat-free mass, and improvement in muscular strength, power, and endurance from the group of with no statistically significant difference, reported authors Juan Colado and N. Travis Triplett.
Michael Rogers, PhD, Chair of Human Performance Studies at Wichita State University, says the article helps confirm what he sees clinically. “We have used elastic bands for many years in our research studies and community-based programs because of their versatility, portability, and cost-effectiveness. It’s very difficult to have effective community programs with weight machines.”
Despite an abundance of weight machines in clubs and at home, only 25% of all middle-aged or older adults are physically active. The implications of this new study are significant for a population that has not embraced weight machines. The study also confirmed that the subjects were able to increase their intensity with significant results based on their perception of how hard they were working against resistance, confirming that elastic resistance is a much more cost-effective, portable, and intuitive way to exercise. Thera-Band® elastic bands have been used in physical and occupational therapy clinics for over 30 years, and fewer provider visits driven by healthcare funding cutbacks are being addressed through the integrated use of portable elastic bands in the clinic and at home.
Thera-Band elastic bands are supplied in a trademarked system of color progression that includes 8 resistance levels from beginner to highly advanced. Recognized worldwide as the industry standard, Thera-Band elastic bands are manufactured by The Hygenic Corporation and carry the endorsement of the American Physical Therapy Association.  Hygenic develops, manufactures and distributes exercise products worldwide for rehabilitation, training and home fitness through an authorized dealer network. Additional information on Thera-Band elastic bands and the full line of Thera-Band rehabilitation and exercise products can be found at, and at where exercises can be downloaded and research protocols reviewed.  




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